West Lawn Plaza, North Meadow and Mirabeau Springs

Surrounded by tall pines and lush green lawn, these outdoor event spaces blend seamlessly into the natural backdrop of Mirabeau Point Park.

CenterPlace offers three outdoor event spaces that can be used independently or in tandem: West Lawn (hardscape) Plaza, North Meadow and the Mirabeau Springs Waterfall. Please contact us to learn more about each of these spaces.

West Lawn Plaza features:

    • 10,540 square foot
    • Can accommodate up to 1,000 plus attendees
    • Site includes restrooms and concession stand
    • A performance shelter and pergola located at the north end of the plaza
    • Eight decorative fluted poles with LED lighting provide light after dark
    • Access to electricity and wi-fi
    • Tent anchors that support vendor/event tents
    • Food trucks are allowed to park on the plaza
    • Surrounding lawn can be incorporated into any event