Recent City Business Activity

The City of Spokane Valley congratulates these businesses and companies that have recently opened or are expanding, or announced that they will be coming soon to the community:


Killer Burger has opened at 15705 E. Broadway in Spokane Valley. The restaurant is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Portland-based restaurant chain has a restaurant in Hayden, Idaho, but this is the first location in the Spokane region. The restaurant provides a large menu of tasty burgers with a variety of toppings. (Nov. 20, 2023)

Cashmere, Washington-based Captain's Cod Company, is relocating one of its food trucks to the Spokane area from Western Washington in mid-November. Best known for its fish and chips, cod sandwiches, cod fitters and clam chowder, the business was founded in 2019. The truck will be operating in Spokane Valley at various locations. (Nov 15, 2023)

Cali Fast Burrito, affiliated with the California Mexican Restaurant which already has a location in North Spokane, opening a location at 6704 E. Sprague in Spokane Valley.  (Nov. 11, 2023)

Buchanan Construction will construct a 12 unit apartment complex just south of Interstate 90 near Costco in Spokane Valley. The $850,000 project should be open to house new tenants by April 2024. (Oct. 12, 2023)

Skyline Homes, LLC, has started construction on a 32-unit apartment building in Spokane Valley along Frontage Road near Pines Road and Interstate 90. Shane Mercier, of Mercier Architecture & Planning of Spokane Valley, is the lead architect. The project is estimated to cost $5 million and should be completed by mid-year 2024.(Sept. 10, 2023)

A new Surf Thru Express Car Wash building will be constructed at 2120 N. Argonne Road. The owners is listed as Argonne Investments LLC. The cost of the project is $240,000. (Sept. 10, 2023)

Spokane Urology is establishing a Valley location at 12525 E Mission Ave, Suite 202.  (Dec. 1, 2022) 

Spokane Stone Creations is building a new showroom, office, and shop at 12407 E. Riverside Ave.  The building is 7,625-square-feet in size.  (November 21, 2022)

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Spokane Urology is establishing a Valley location at 12525 E Mission Ave, Suite 202.  (December 1, 2022) 

Spokane Stone Creations is building a new showroom, office, and shop at 12407 E. Riverside Ave.  The new building is 7,625-square-feet.  (November 21,2022)

Breauxdoo Bakery opens a storefront with a rock band vibe.  They are located at 14109 E. Sprague Ave., Suite 7A-1. (November 2, 2022) 

A $17.3 million building permit has been approved for a Green Acres Distribution Center. The industrial building is estimated to be done in the third quarter of 2023.   (October 23,2022) 

Fireclay Tile, of California, announced it has acquired Spokane Valley-based Quarry Tile Co.  The goal for the acquisition is to expand Quarry’s products and manufacturing capabilities.  They are located at 6328 E. Utah Ave #1.  (October 6, 2022)  

The River Landing at Mirabeau, a six-unit, 5,100-square foot apartment building owned by Centennial Properties development rises.  It is unknown when the construction will finish.  (September 21,2022) 

City Hall has approved a building permit for a new $4.6 million, 24-unit apartment structure dubbed Splashdown Apartments to be constructed at 1624 N. Bowdish.  It will be in the place of the old Splashdown water park. (August 26, 2022) 

The Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center breaks ground on their facility.  The structure is the new home of the Spokane Valley Summer Theatre, which will be renamed to Idaho Central Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center when the project is complete. Idaho Central Credit Union purchased naming rights to the building. (August 16, 2022) 

City Hall is seeking the public to help with the city’s 20th anniversary branding strategy in 2023.  (July 13, 2022) 

A $17 million warehouse project is planned  be developed on 10 acres of vacant land at 17710 E. Euclid Avenue owned by concrete contractor Greenacres Gypsum & Lime Co.  There is no information at this time on who the current tenant will be. (July 14,2022) 

City Hall is seeking the public to help with the city’s 20th anniversary branding strategy in 2023.  (July 13, 2022) 

The Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center has purchased 5 acres of land at 13509 E. Mansfield, where the organization plans to build a new $36 million facility.  It is predicted to open in 2024.  (June 29,2022) 

PODS (portable on demand storage) is moving in as the new tenant on a warehouse under construction at 4414 N. Barker Road.  They plan on taking up 70,000-square-feet of space out of 140,000.  An Amazon fulfillment center is now open about a mile from the site.  (June 21, 2022) 

Flight 509, an indoor amusement park is planning to open next spring.  The initial work has begun on the 22,000-square-foot site, $4.3 million located at 10502 E. Montgomery.  It will include laser tag, bumper cars, a ninja course, ropes course and more. (May 20,2022)  

The retailer Target has plans to renovate its store on 13724 E. Sprague with an estimated cost of $3 million.  Albertsons at 13606 E. 32nd has remodel plans costing about $500,000.  Mercer Mass Timber LLC plans to invest $50 million of  capital projects at the cross-laminated timber factory over the next two years; they are located  at 19202 E. Garland. (May 19,2022) 

Renovations are underway to convert a building  into sandwich shop Hungree Bee located at 14411 E. Trent Ave. (May 15,2022) 

Bake My Day, a drive thru bakery, is opening its second location at 18123 E. Appleway Avenue.  It’s original location is in Chattaroy.  They make scones, muffins, and half pound cinnamon rolls all with organic ingredients.  (May 15,2022)   

U-District Physical Therapy has moved one of its Valley locations from 5900 E. Fourth to 504 N. Barker.  The Barker location has more space.  (May 6, 2022) 

X-Golf, an indoor golf simulator,  is planning to open inside the former Carpet One store space at 15110 E Indiana Ave. Suite B.  They will open around September 2022 and feature a full bar and food menu.  (May 2, 2022)

A Starbucks location at 18707 E. Laberry Dr. is under construction.  The new building is next to the Greenacres Post Office.  (April 15, 2022) 

Magnolia Place, also known as Fields Senior Living, is a new 122,000-square-foot, 124-unit retirement community under construction at 16512 E. Desmet Court. The $20 million project will have 80 assisted-living units and 44 memory-care units once completed.  The community is expected to open March 2023. (April 13, 2022) 

Valley Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center is beginning construction on a new standalone 14,050-square-foot building and plan to move out of their Mission office. The new building is off of Mirabeau Pkwy in between Pines and Evergreen.  Construction is estimated to be done January 2023. (April 10, 2022)  

Affinity at Mirabeau, a senior-living community, is nearing completion.  This 180,000-square-foot facility plans to open in August and is located at 13525 E Carlisle Ave. (April 4, 2022)

The Spokane County Library District began construction on its new 28,000-square-foot  Spokane Valley library today.  The $15 million facility is  located at the northeast corner of Sprague Avenue and Herald Road.  City Hall,a partner with SCLD, plans to expand the nearby Balfour Park, developing a library-park campus.  The new library is scheduled to open in summer 2023.  (March 29,2022)

Hotworx, an infrared fitness studio, is opening a location at 1222 N. Pines Rd.  Customers work out in a sauna, but the sauna is heated through infrared light. (March 28,2022)

Unleashed Academy recently opened.  Their canine facility offers Autism and Psychiatric Service dogs for purchase to families as well as other dog  training classes .  The facility is at 16614 E. Sprague Ave. (March 24,2022)

Latah Creek Winery celebrates its 40th anniversary.  This 7,000-square-feet family business is located at 13030 E. Indiana and includes a warehouse, wine tanks, a tasting room and gift shop.  (March 17, 2022)

The Spokane Valley Fire Department plans to break ground on a $4.2 million, 14,400-square-foot maintenance center at 18705 E. Garland. (March, 14,2022).

In the Zone Sports Performance, is planned to take up 9,000-square-feet out of  13,000 in a new facility at 18915 E. Appleway.  The building is expected to be completed in May.  The other 4,000-square-feet will be occupied by Lighthouse Physical Therapy.   (Feb. 16, 2022)

Tradehome Shoes plans to open in the Valley Mall. (Feb. 14, 2022) 

Three commercial buildings are under construction at Evergreen Commerce Park II which is located at 1620 N. Mamer Roader.  The 42,245-square-foot commerce park is valued at $3.4 million. (Feb. 2, 2022)

Uno Mas, a new taco shop, is set to open in the old Hello Sugar building at 11205 E. Dishman Mica Road. (Jan. 24, 2022)

Seaview Global, who designs and manufactures mounting solutions for marine electronics, has purchased 7,500-square-feet of industrial space at 2617 N. Pioneer Lane.  Studio Three, a new dance studio, signed a lease of 1,949-square-feet at 13817 E. Sprague Ave. Suite 4.   North Pines Chiropractic has leased 2,396-square-feet of space at 8817 E. Mission Suite 204.  (Jan. 17, 2022)

Weber Dental Center will be moving into a multitenant building at 16212 E. Indiana.  Weber will be taking over 7,500-square-feet in one suite while the other 4,500 square feet will be available for lease.  (Jan. 12, 2022)

A new business focused on canine behavior modification is planned at 166414 E. Sprague Avenue. The company, Dogology NW/Unleashed Academy, has filed a pre-development application to construct a 10,500-square-foot training facility for service dogs, autism, therapy and emotional-support dogs. The development is estimated at $1.5 million. (Jan. 9, 2022)

No Drought Brewing Company has opened at 10604 E. 16th Ave., adjacent to Northwest Pizza Co. This neighborhood taphouse offers 16 taps with nine dedicated to “mainstay” brews. The business does not offers food at this time, but patrons can bring in pizza from next door. (Jan. 4, 2022)